Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

SET.Live drives up to 95% audience collection for artists on Community. 

Artists that activate SET.Live's integration with Community see instant contact sharing in their Community account. 

The Run of Show

Use SET.Live On Tour

The artist incorporates the app-less, web-based tech into their tour to offer fans their own custom in-show experience (example: giveaways, voting, etc). 

Collect Contact Info

 Names, emails, and phone numbers of fans who activate on SET.Live at any show are collected in the artist's SET.Live account. 

Automatic Integration

Fans that activate on SET.Live are automatically opted-in to Community and uploaded into an artist's existing Community account for immediate SMS use.

The Roster 📝 Other artists already collecting fan contacts for their Community accounts via SET.Live include artists like Alicia Keys, Tinashe, The Head and The Heart, Corey Kent, & Mason Ramsey. 

The Results

At least 50% of an artist's Community fanbase typically comes from fan info captured via SET.Live


The Community.com x SET.Live partnership is revolutionizing fan engagement for artists. On average, artists see their Community lists double in size after just TEN shows -- and in one case, 95% of an artist's Community was built through SET.Live activations on tour. This has such a huge impact as fans who spend money on concert tickets are more likely to buy merch, stream music, and spread the word to their friends and family. Our integration with SET.Live makes capturing this enthusiasm seamless, transforming concert-goers into dedicated Community members and ensuring that artists own their fan data and can communicate long-term with these high-value fans. 

Erica Fagundes, Head of Music Partnerships at Community.com

Want to get started?

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