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Helping artists own the relationship with their fans.


Our mission: enable every artist access to free tools, education, and support so they can grow their music careers on their own terms.


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Jarred Goldner - 1200x800

Jarred Goldner

Director of SET
Victoria Yip | Artist Relations | Rock On

Victoria Yip

Senior Manager, SET
Craig Rector | Marketing Director

Craig Rector

Marketing Director
Gabi Arnona

Gabi Arnona

Business Development Representative
Jeff Rosenfeld | SVP, Product and Technology

Jeff Rosenfeld

SVP, Product and Technology
Kira Headshot

Kira Khayat

Business Development Representative

What Artists Are Saying

Would love to share our experience with you! So far it has been a night + day difference from what we used to do - here is a clip from our Toronto show, you can see how many people have been pulling their phones out to sign up!
Josh A.
Artist Manager

Who Owns The Relationship With Your Fans?

Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, all know exactly who your fans are. The question is, do you? Learn the strategies to develop a direct fan relationship.

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