Capture Every Fan, Everywhere.

Join this session with Jarred Goldner, Director of SET, to watch a live demo of our touring and digital tech products....along with real-world examples from artists using SET's tools to engage fans directly and capture contact info for their own marketing strategies. RSVP today to save your spot!


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Finally Know Who's at your Shows

Stop paying social media and ticketing companies to reach your fans.


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Ticket buyers
are your most valuable fans.

Concert goers spend 20X more on music than average fans.





The easy way
to capture fan info

No apps. No hassle. All the info. All yours.

Fans check in for access to exclusive experiences
Fans share their contact info with you
You take ownership of your own fan data

Join the 5,000+ Artists
building fandom their own way



The guys are loving this new system, works so well and is so easy for the audience to access - you can see how many people have been pulling their phones out to sign up!
Luke Pierce
Home Free
The whole team is THRILLED with the results - we had a 30-50% engagement rate throughout the weekend. The fans who won were all super excited, too. We’re looking forward to the UK shows next week, especially since it’s typically hard for us to collect data there.
Laura Spinelli
Tenille Townes
We've been working with SET.Live during the KINGDOM tour and it's such a huge success. We've collected 15K+ new text and email subscribers since late June, just by telling fans to "check-in" to SET.Live during the intermission of some of the shows.
Aliya Faust
RCAI / Sony Music
You guys absolutely are crushing it! SET.Live is simple to use from an artists standpoint and delivers on every promise about data capture. We love it and will use it for all our artists!
Michael Steele
Visionary Media Group
SET.Live has been a game changer out here on tour for our artists. In less than a minute, fans are able to connect, follow us, and enter our contest. The huge win for us is being able to follow up with them after the shows. It’s a big win for everyone!
Kristy Reis
War Hippies

We've thought through all the details


create fan experiences that fit seamlessly into your show

  • Easy set up
  • Customizable experiences
  • Geo-target the venue


no apps or software to download and disrupt the show

  • Lightweight UX
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • CRM Integrations


built on Google's state-of-the-art Firebase Cloud System

  • Privacy compliance
  • Encrypted data management
  • Team access management


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