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Creating A 'Simple Plan' For Using Tech On Tour

Creating A 'Simple Plan' For Using Tech On Tour

This week’s SET spotlight is Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan and their use of SET.Live on tour!

Capturing the essence of Millennial angst for over two decades, Simple Plan has practically become the unofficial soundtrack of the generation. From their breakout single "I'm Just a Kid" to anthems like "Welcome to My Life" and "Perfect," Simple Plan has a knack for capturing the raw emotions that define the Millennial experience. (As a Millennial myself, I’m pretty confident in this assessment 😏)

In addition to the love they’ve garnered from Millennials, the band’s youthful energy has helped them cultivate a devoted fanbase–of all ages–known for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. At every show, die-hard Simple Plan fans dress up in Scooby-Doo attire–a nod to the band’s “What’s New Scooby Doo” theme song–for a chance to be called on stage to sing with lead singer Pierre Bouvier.

Check out this die-hard fan who came dressed in a Scooby Doo costume and was invited on stage!


Great parents make sure their kids know Simple Plan! ☺️🫶 #scoobydoo #poppunk #livemusic #kids #kidsoftiktok

♬ What's New Scooby-Doo? - Simple Plan

We’ve got a long list of reasons we love working with Simple Plan. Not only are they authentic and relatable, but they’re masters at creating unique opportunities for fans to be a part of their shows, which makes tech like ours a natural fit.

But what we love most is the serendipitous manner in which Simple Plan discovered us. Manager and VP of Marketing of the brand’s management team at Coalition Music, Devi Ekanand, attended Alicia Keys’ show in Toronto and had the opportunity to experience SET.Live as a fan. She immediately understood the value and how easy it would be to incorporate SET.Live in Simple Plan’s shows to engage fans while collecting fan data.

Here’s the quick and dirty on what we love about how Simple Plan is absolutely crushing it at live shows and what their team loves about using our tech:

What We love about how Simple Plan is using SET.Live:

Simple Plan with Device_NB

  • The team incorporates a QR code on a screen from the stage at each of Simple Plan’s shows. While fans are waiting to see their favorite artist, they are invited to pull out their phones and scan the QR code for a chance to win a VIP meet & greet at the end of the night.
  • Simple Plan utilizes the post-registration page on SET.Live to promote their merch, using our built-in CTAs to direct fans towards their online store.
  • After each tour leg, Simple Plan sends a personalized thank you email to fans along with videos and photos from the tour and exclusive content.

What Simple Plan And Their Team Loves About SET.Live:

"One of the things I really appreciate about SET.Live is that it’s not another app fans have to download. Apps are too clunky and complicated; tech should be simple. The last thing fans want to do in the middle of a show is have to download an app.”

- Devi Ekanand, Vice President Marketing, Promotions, & New Media

(Some might say they have a ‘simple plan’ for using tech on tour😉)

“I love the transparency on the back end and being able to access and control all of the data collected at live shows!”

- Sarah Lycan-Lang, Tour Marketing & Logistics Manager

Pro-Moves You Can Use:

  • If you’re incorporating screen assets, keep your SET.Live information up on the screen for at least a full minute so that fans have time to see, read, take out their phone, and scan/type to enter. 
  • Play video assets on a loop–or if you’re using still images, repeat them several times–so that if fans miss it the first time, they’ll be able to see it again! 
  • Create unique moments for fans. Prizes don’t have to be flashy or extravagant–what fans are really looking for is a personal connection with their favorite artist. Find a prize that is uniquely you and that fans will cherish.
  • Follow up with fans who checked in after the show! The fans who came to see you on your last tour are the ones who will be the most excited about your next tour, album, merch drop, or any other project. Text or email them to let them know what you’re working on next!

While on their European tour, Simple Plan captured 7,000+ new contacts for their CRM using SET.Live and has plans to use our tech on their tour legs in Brazil and Australia this spring. We can’t wait to see their success!

The band is also preparing to go on tour with Avril Lavigne this summer as one of her openers. (Avril–if you’re reading this–we’d love to hook you up with your free SET.Live account so you can finally know who who’s at your shows, too.😉) 


Get to Know Simple Plan

From their new millennium rise to MTV superstardom through pop-punk’s modern resurgence, Simple Plan has been an indelible part of pop culture since forming in Montreal in 1999. They’ve sold 10 million albums worldwide, won multiple Juno Awards, performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics – and, most recently, launched the omnipresent #ImJustAKid TikTok challenge that’s spawned more than 3.4 million videos, including clips from Hilary Duff, Ed Sheeran, Usher, Venus and Serena Williams.

Released in 2022, Harder Than It Looks is the first self-released album from drummer Chuck Comeau, vocalist Pierre Bouvier and guitarists Sébastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco. The album respects Simple Plan’s storied career while pushing forward in new ways, with songs like “The Antidote,” “Ruin My Life” (ft. Deryck Whibley), “Congratulations,” "Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare's Over)" and "Iconic" set to stand as fan favorites for years to come.

From the Band:
“It’s amazingly complex to be in a band for 20-plus years, to keep going, stay relevant and manage all the challenges that come your way,” Bouvier says. “It’s the furthest thing from a ‘simple plan’ – it’s truly a lot harder than it looks. Throughout our career, it’s taken a while to be mature enough to understand that our sound is an asset, not a liability. On this album we said: ‘Let’s just embrace who we are and not be afraid to do what we do best.’ Making a good Simple Plan record is just as hard as making something off the beaten path.

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