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MAXtape Live with Kaitlyn Moore

MAXtape Live with Kaitlyn Moore

Welcome to the next episode of our MAXtape Live podcast!

In this episode of MAXtape Live, Craig Rector and Lindsay Benedetto sit down with Kaitlyn Moore, VP of Marketing at mtheory, about marketing strategies for artists of any size, the importance of data collection for building an artist's fanbase, and utilizing tech to drive marketing efforts around ticket pre-sales. The conversation underscores the importance of offering simple giveaways to drive engagement on streaming platforms and exclusive pre-sale opportunities for live shows.

Highlights from Kaitlyn Moore

  • The challenges artists are facing in acquiring fan data
  • Importance of diversifying data collection methods
  • Strategies for fan engagement during live shows
  • Incorporating SMS marketing into an overall marketing strategy
  • Effective tech tools for data segmentation

Listen to the full episode below–and let us know if you’d like to be a guest on our show!

episode summary

Early Creative Influences & Career Path
Kaitlyn discusses her early experiences in dance and how it influenced her connection to music. She initially pursued broadcast journalism at Syracuse but switched to television, radio, and film. Later, she became the first graduate of the Bandier Program for music and entertainment industries, offering a well-rounded education. Internships brought her to Nashville, where she worked at Borman Entertainment before joining mtheory.

SET.Live Adoption
Craig and Lindsay inquire about Moore's early adoption of SET.Live. Moore discusses the challenges of balancing innovation with ensuring tools work seamlessly for artists. She highlights the data challenges in the industry, particularly the lack of email sharing by venues. The discussion touches on using SET.Live for Trace Adkins' shows, leveraging QR codes and audio liners for audience engagement.

SET.Live Innovation + Artist Implementation
The conversation explores different ways artists are implementing SET.Live beyond Trace Adkins. Moore mentions using the platform for giveaways at the end of tours, reducing the burden on tour crews and maximizing audience engagement. The discussion ends with an acknowledgment of various artists under mtheory using SET.Live for their shows.

Challenges with Data Sharing
Moore shares a scenario where a venue sought to build its email list through a poster giveaway but refused to share the collected data with the artist. The discussion touches on the complexities of data ownership, especially when venues and ticketing companies withhold information. The frustration with the asymmetry in data sharing between artists, venues, and ticketing companies is evident.

Importance of Fan Data
The conversation shifts to the importance of fan data for artists and the challenges they face in acquiring and utilizing it. Moore stresses the significance of owning an audience's contact points, citing the vulnerability of relying solely on social platforms. The difficulty arises when labels control websites and email lists, limiting artists' access to their fan data. Moore advocates for artists negotiating deals that grant them control over these touch points.

Strategies for Data Collection
Moore discusses mtheory's proactive approach to data collection, emphasizing the value of pre-sales for collecting fan data. She introduces platforms like for giveaways and pre-saves. Additionally, Bandsintown is highlighted as a valuable resource for geo-targeted emails, tapping into existing trackers and engaging fans effectively. The conversation explores the challenge of data ownership when labels are involved and the importance of balancing costs with the benefits of owning fan data.

Utilizing Data in Strategic Planning
Moore continues with insights into utilizing collected data for strategic planning. She explains how mtheory leverages pre-sale data to assess demand in different markets, allowing for strategic decisions like adding additional show dates. The discussion emphasizes the need for artists to consistently collect and use fan data to make informed decisions and drive meaningful engagement.

The Need to Collaborate with Artists
The conversation delves into the centrality of fan data for artists and how companies often rely on artists' success to build their platforms. Moore emphasizes the need for companies to collaborate with artists, allowing them more control over their data.

Utilizing Pre-Sales & Touch Points for Data Collection
Moore discusses the importance of utilizing various touch points during tours or album cycles to collect data and engage fans. She highlights the often-overlooked strategy of offering pre-sales for fans and how platforms can help collect valuable data. The conversation emphasizes the strategic use of data to determine market interest and potential additional show dates, demonstrating the importance of a proactive approach to data-driven decision-making.

Diversifying Data Collection Methods
The conversation expands to explore diverse methods of data collection beyond email, including giveaways, connect-with-Spotify platforms, and utilizing tracking features in platforms like Bandsintown. Moore reveals the effectiveness of geo-targeted emails and the value of tapping into existing data pools. Lindsay and Craig express interest in the different perspectives on collecting and understanding fan data across the music industry.

Email Marketing & Artist Autonomy
The discussion shifts to email marketing, highlighting the challenges artists face in managing their lists, especially with smaller teams. Moore stresses the significance of artists owning their touch points and the value of welcome emails. The conversation touches on the costs associated with email platforms and the importance of balancing regular communication with fans without overwhelming them.

SMS Marketing
The conversation delves into the value of SMS marketing, highlighting its more conversational nature and immediacy. Moore emphasizes the need to coordinate timing between SMS and email marketing. Craig and Lindsay inquire about the value of SMS versus email, exploring different messaging strategies. Moore suggests a staggered approach and acknowledges the associated costs, especially for smaller artists.

Tech Tools for Data Segmentation
Moore discusses the segmentation of artist lists based on data gathered and highlights the importance of geo-targeting for touring. The hosts inquire about specific tech tools for segmentation, and Moore emphasizes the value of gathering relevant information, such as country and postal codes, during email sign-ups. The conversation underscores the need for a tailored approach to fan engagement based on artist-specific goals and preferences.

Memorable Concert Experiences
As a fun segment, the conversation explores memorable concert experiences. Moore shares her first concert, a mix of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. The discussion evolves into memorable recent concerts, such as Ed Sheeran's intimate theater show and the unique experience of a Kacey Musgraves' listening party in a Planetarium. The conversation transitions into the unifying power of music, shared experiences at concerts, and the joy of immersive performances.

The Unifying Power of Music
The discussion concludes with reflections on music's unifying power, connecting people emotionally and creating a sense of community. The conversation delves into the shared euphoria at concerts, the physiological impact of music on emotions, and the potential chemical synchronization of audiences during performances. Craig and Lindsay share personal experiences related to music, demonstrating its profound impact on collective experiences.

About Kaitlyn Moore

Kaitlyn Moore InstaReel_SQUAREKaitlyn Moore is VP of Marketing at mtheory, overseeing marketing and management strategy in mtheory's Nashville office. Kaitlyn has been at mtheory for 6 years following previous stops at Maverick and Borman Entertainment, handling fan engagement and ecommerce.

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