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MAXtape Live with Chris Fox

MAXtape Live with Chris Fox

Welcome to the next episode of our MAXtape Live podcast!

In this episode of MAXtape Live, Craig Rector and Lindsay Benedetto sit down with Chris Fox, Artist Manager, at Triple 8 Management for a discussion on the power of data in identifying and securing brand partnerships. The conversation touches on topics such as the value of a multi-channel marketing strategy, why artists and their teams should be open to trying new tech or strategies early on in their artist's career, and the small changes his team made that yielded a 250% increase in their data collection at live shows.

Highlights from Chris fox

  • Advantages of being a pioneer in adopting new technologies
  • Aligning brand collaborations with artist affinity
  • Importance of a multi-channel marketing strategy to maximize impact 
  • Trust and collaboration between an artist and manager facilitates strategic risk-taking and drives success

Listen to the full episode below–and let us know if you’d like to be a guest on our show!

episode summary

Music Release Strategies
The conversation begins with a discussion around the dynamics of releasing music, acknowledging the significance of timing in generating conversions. The focus is on Corey's recent single release, addressing accidental leaks and the subsequent organic spread on platforms like TikTok. The participants reflect on the benefits and challenges, noting the difficulty of replicating such authenticity intentionally.

Impact of Accidental Song Leak
The accidental song leak prompts a discussion on its impact compared to standard releases. The team reflects on the challenges of manufacturing authenticity and the unexpected benefits of peer-to-peer sharing, creating an underground buzz around the leaked song.

Brand Partnerships and Fan Authenticity
The conversation shifts to Corey's brand partnerships with U.S. Cellular and the Marines. The participants emphasize the importance of aligning brand collaborations with an artist's authenticity, showcasing Corey's genuine connection with the armed forces and hometown pride. They discuss the positive reactions from fans and the added value these partnerships bring.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
Chris, Lindsay, and Craig stress the necessity of a multi-channel marketing approach in the current media landscape. They highlight the importance of balancing digital promotion, live events, brand partnerships, and other channels to maximize impact. The term "boost" is used to describe the added value and support that brand partnerships contribute to an artist's overall strategy.

Artist Social Media Presence
Chris offers insights into Corey's social media management. He explains the collaboration between Corey, a media guy, and themselves in capturing both personal and promotional content. They emphasize the authenticity of an artist's personal engagement on social media and how it complements the broader marketing strategy.

Benefits of Geo-Targeted Ford Campaign for Pat Green
Chris discusses the positive impact of a geo-targeted Ford campaign for artist Pat Green. Despite the challenges of consistently creating assets and investing in advertising, the campaign provided significant exposure, especially in Texas, Pat Green's home base. The success of the campaign, even for an established artist like Pat Green, demonstrates the value of strategic marketing efforts.

SET.Live Integration at Corey Kent's Shows
The conversation shifts to the integration of SET.Live into Corey's shows and its effectiveness in capturing audience information. Chris highlights the struggle they faced before SET.Live, experimenting with various methods to collect contacts during live performances. The ease and success of SET.Live become evident, with Chris explaining the initial experience and the subsequent improvements made during the Jason Aldean tour.

Enhancements in SET.Live Implementation
Chris elaborates on the process of fine-tuning SET.Live implementation during live performances. The discussion revolves around the timing of displaying the QR code on the iMAG screen and the crucial role Corey plays in instructing the audience. The small change of prompting the audience to take out their phones before providing instructions significantly increased the contact acquisition, leading to a 250% boost in contacts.

Quantifying the Value and Community Integration
The conversation delves into quantifying the value of SET.Live by comparing it to the costs they would have incurred with traditional contact collection methods. Chris mentions the potential financial impact, estimating the value at tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the integration of SET.Live with Community allows for immediate text communication and tracking of audience engagement, providing a holistic view of the fan base.

Building Direct Connections and Post-Show Engagement
The discussion expands to emphasize the power of SET.Live in building direct connections with fans. The 24-hour post-show depression experienced by fans becomes an opportunity for personal engagement. The conversation highlights Corey's entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to experiment, demonstrating how the tool aligns with his approach to audience interaction and business development.

Continuous Innovation and Trust in Artist-Manager Relationship
The conversation continues with reflections on the pursuit of improvement and innovation. Chris attributes their successful experimentation to Corey's open-mindedness and trust in their working relationship. The narrative illustrates how a collaborative and trusting bond between an artist and manager facilitates strategic risk-taking and drives success in the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

Embracing Early Adoption in Marketing Strategies
The participants discuss the benefits of being an early adopter in marketing. Chris highlights the importance of trying out new tools and platforms before they become oversaturated or start charging for services. The group reflects on their experiences with SET.Live, emphasizing the advantages of being a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Chris stresses the significance of being prolific and taking high-risk, high-reward scenarios, especially when starting out, as it allows for experimentation with little risk.

Authenticity in Branding and Marketing
The conversation transitions to the importance of authenticity in the modern marketing landscape. The participants emphasize the need for artists to be genuine, citing examples of successful artists who have embraced their true selves. Chris mentions the authenticity of Corey, an artist, and how his Christian faith is an integral part of his brand. They discuss the fine line between being authentic and avoiding controversy, highlighting the importance of artists staying true to themselves and their beliefs, even if it means potentially alienating some segments of their audience.

Failing Fast and Learning Quickly
Lindsay, Craig, and Chris discuss the value of failing early and learning from those experiences. Chris and Craig share their company's ethos of minimizing costs for artists and their willingness to experiment with new ideas. They advocate for a "fail fast, fail forward" approach, encouraging artists and managers to try things quickly and move on if they don't work. This approach is seen as particularly relevant in the current media landscape, where the attention span is short, and there's a constant need for fresh and engaging content.

Engaging with Fans and Building Relationships
The conversation shifts to building relationships with fans through authenticity and transparency. Chris shares insights into how Corey, as an artist, maintains a strong connection with his audience by being open about his personal beliefs and passions. They discuss the idea that fans feel a deeper connection to artists when they know more about them as individuals, and this connection can translate into stronger fan engagement and support.

Memorable Concert Experiences
The conversation concludes on a lighter note with the participants sharing their most memorable concert experiences. Chris recounts his first concert experience at the age of seven, featuring artists like Shannon Doa, Trisha Yearwood, and the headliner Garth Brooks. He vividly describes the moment when Garth Brooks ripped off a curtain to sing directly to people sitting on a hill behind the stage, creating a lasting impression and instilling a deep love for music.

About Chris Fox

IMG_4987 - Texas MusicChris got his start in the music industry by launching the Texas music media outlet Texas Music Pickers; which hosted music conferences, the largest songwriter competition in Texas, a successful podcast and had a blog component that averaged over a million hits a year. In 2019, Chris became the Texas Music Director at 888 Management working with acts such as Whiskey Myers, Eli Young, Josh Abbott, Pat Green and Kevin Fowler. Chris is now currently the manager for Corey Kent and Pat Green and is the marketing manager for Kevin Fowler.

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