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Artist Spotlight: David Cook

Artist Spotlight: David Cook

We’re putting the spotlight on 2008 American Idol winner David Cook for the effortless way he used SET.Live on tour.

2008 American Idol winner David Cook has a passionate, dedicated fanbase who loves to engage and interact with their favorite artist. David has such a special connection with his fans and during his live shows, he makes everyone in the audience feel like they’re truly part of his show and long time friends. His relationship with his fans helps fuel audience engagement at his live shows and fans are always thrilled for the opportunity to engage during his concerts.

David’s management team over at Blue Sky Artist Management immediately understood how easy it would be to incorporate SET.Live at David’s shows to engage and delight fans while collecting fan data.

What We love about how David Cook is using SET.Live:

  • The team incorporates a pre-recorded audio liner at each of David’s shows. While fans are waiting to see their favorite artist, David Cook’s distinct voice plays over the venue speakers, inviting fans to pull out their phones and visit “SET dot Live” to enter for a chance to win a signed koozie at the end of the night.
  • In addition to a nightly prize, every fan who checked in on SET.Live was also entered for the chance to win a really cool grand prize at the end of the tour: a signed guitar from David Cook.
  • After his tour wrapped, David took to socials to recap his 2023 shows and thank fans for coming out to support him. During an Instagram Live, David talked about SET.Live, reminding his fans what they participated in at the shows. 
  • David created a unique and special moment for fans during his Instagram Live. In real time, he signed the giveaway guitar, used SET.Live to pick a winner, and added the winner’s name to the guitar, giving it a truly personal touch. 
  • He then teased his upcoming tour and invited fans to come out, show support, and enter to win for the next round of giveaways with SET.Live!

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What David Cook And His Team Loves About SET.Live:

"We love SET.Live! The ability to easily collect current and accurate fan data is truly invaluable. SET.Live has enabled us to continue to cultivate the relationship between David and his fans."
- Management Team

"SET.Live has been a great partner in helping bridge the artist/fan gap, allowing for more consistent and meaningful engagement with my audience."
- David Cook

Pro-Moves You Can Use:

  • Use pre-recorded audio liner for a quick and easy way to integrate SET.Live at your shows. This simple yet creative method allows artists to capture anywhere from 15 - 25% of the fans in the room. Capture fans’ attention by having the artist record the message so that fans get excited about hearing their favorite artist’s voice before the show.
    • PRO-TIP: Play this 2-3x (between set changeovers and about 5-10 minutes before the artist goes on stage). When the music is cut and the house lights drop, fans already have their phones out ready to record the first song: this is the perfect time for them to quickly and easily visit SET.Live. 
  • Give clear instructions. First, tell fans to take out their phones and then tell them to visit “SET dot LIVE” (so that they don’t forget why they pulled out their phones in the first place).
  • You can always repeat! Fans are excited to be at the show and might need a few reminders about what they’re entering to win and where to go to enter (“Again, that's S-E-T dot L-I-V-E”). 
  • Create unique moments for fans. Prizes don’t have to be flashy or extravagant–what fans are really looking for is a personal connection with their favorite artist. Find a prize that is uniquely you and that fans will cherish.
  • Follow up with fans who checked in! The fans who came to see you on your last tour are the ones who will be the most excited about your next tour, album, merch drop, or any other project. Text or email them to let them know what you’re working on next!


Get to Know David Cook

David Cook (and yes, he is the winner of American Idol’s 7th Season) certainly knows a thing or two about good music. His first album, Analog Heart, came out pre-Idol, and his album, Digital Vein, nicely book-ended that chapter. Chromance (2018) & The Looking Glass (2021), he revived himself. “I was a ‘rock’ guy, but the further away I’ve gotten from that, the more I’ve opened up and found inspiration in the peripherals. I wouldn’t have had the courage earlier in my career, but now I have the confidence to go after the sound I want.”

A fan of Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, Cook always admired how they pushed the envelope and brought pop elements into rock music. In 2018 he headed to NYC for his Broadway debut in KINKY BOOTS as Charlie Price. While excited for his first starring role, he was also aware the message behind KINKY BOOTS was timely and relevant.

Another passion of Cook’s is his work with the National Brain Tumor Society, a Washington DC-based nonprofit that drives cutting edge research and treatments for brain cancer and brain tumors. “I’ve been very involved with the charity and am very grateful that my career has allowed me to do that. I lost my brother Adam to a brain tumor in 2009; every year I am part of the Race for Hope-DC and my fans alone have raised over $1.5 million for this charity. Far and away, that is the proudest of all my achievements.”

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